Digitalization is the use of digital technologies and digitally-enabled approaches to enable or improve business models and processes.
Digital transformation is the coordinated digitalization change efforts at scale, diffused through the operating model and all aspects of the business, including people, processes, technologies, and metrics.








  • Management of organizations and contacts
    • Filters by activity field, interests, etc.
    • The possibility of mass marketing transmission (to see who opens the email or clicks)
    • Possibility to make lists similar to chimp mail
    • History / client in case he has several contracts with the consulting firm.
    • Automatic introduction into the history when sending the offer, contract, additional document.
    • The possibility to enter information such as birthday, customer details, etc.
  • Marketing
    • Defining marketing campaigns
    • Defining web forms (for data collection)
    • Adding prospectuses
  • Sales
    • Defining opportunities and offers
    • Periodic reports (daily, weekly) on sales activity
  • Management / billing
    • Billing services + timely alert + sending scheduled emails.
    • The possibility to introduce total / partial payments according to the contract – to observe the arrears
  • Projects
    • Definition of tasks and molestones
    • Graphic Gantt generation
  • Service contracts
    • Counting and billing time allocated to the client
    • Enter alert when customer subscription expires
  • Administration
    • Ability to create separate accounts for each user.
    • Possibility to import / export documents / lists
    • The ability to generate reports on areas of interest
    • Synchronization with company email
  • Automation
    • Automatic transmission of email client or employee when given a task (alert when the email is not opened)
    • Email when the conditions are fulfilled (events, birthdays)


  • Full customization of the application;
  • Possibility of automating processes in relation with clients;
  • Unlimited number of users;
  • Traceability of processes in relation with clients, respectively within the company;
  • Automatic alerts for (pre) defined events;
  • According to GDPR rules;
  • Clear record of support tickets and time allocated to each.


  • Generates alerts
  • It triggers actions or processes automatically, when certain predefined user conditions are met
  • Stores all the activity in the company (in relation with the clients, on the project and on the service contracts)
  • Send interesting messages (technical, commercial, greetings, alerts) to contacts
  • It replaces at least 25% of a person’s activity
  • Through strict records and alerts it generates at least EUR 1000 in the first month of use *

Isidoria – Grades management system

Schools that ask for our services prove their concern towards his students and their will to keep close and open ties with their parents. The heads of these units know that the value and prestige are supplied primarily by academic performance of students who study in these schools.

Advantages for using a grades management system:

  • Permanent connection between school and family, a better collaboration between those directly involved in the educational development and training of future generations.
  • Increasing the responsibility of the student and thus reduce school absenteeism.
  • Ensuring transparency and improving school image by highlighting your current activity and involvement of teaching staff.
  • Facilitation of obtaining reports with statistical character, school activities and their quantification.
  • Facilitating timely preparation of transcripts and any data on the student’s school situation (graduations etc.).
  • Centralization school situations at your unit.
  • Parental control over the evolution and school activity of children.
  • Automatic adaptation of the application to linguistic characteristics of national minorities, in accordance with the Hague recommendations and directives OSCE High Commissioner for National Minorities.
  • Informing parents via email and SMS informing parents when their children get bad grades or have unexcused absence.
  • Alignment of your unit to the modern European educational trends.

The proposed solution is based on a series of research at national, European and global level, regarding:

  • Parent-school relationship
  • Parental involvement in children’s education
  • Continuously educating parents

The technical proposal

The operating principle is at hand for all users: teachers add grades, absences and observations on the evolution of pupils, that parents receive by email or SMS, while having the opportunity to view online the pupil’s situation. This allows parents a better interaction with the teachers, even if they are abroad to work or are busy with their job in the country. Parents, in turn, can send messages to their children’s teachers. In this way it achieves what every teacher wants:

  • better parent-school connection
  • reducing school absenteeism
  • increasing the educational level in the family

The software can be hosted, depending on your preferences:

  • on HOLISUN’s servers, without any costs
  • on a server that belongs to the Ministry of Education
  • on a server that belongs to the county inspectorate

In conclusion, we suggest implementing an online grades management system in your school unit due to the net advantages that it shows:

  • The alignment of your unit to European educational standards;
  • School data centralization at your unit level;
  • Improving parent-school relationship;
  • Reducing school absenteeism;
  • Improving education within the family;
  • A significant improvement of Romanian school education image

Socrate – Admitere universitati

Socrate eficientizează procesul de admitere, reducând semnificativ costurile cu personalul implicat şi infrastructura necesare.

Este cel mai avansat program de admitere online disponibil în România în acest moment, adaptabil, conceput pentru a se potrivi cu programe de studii dintre cele mai diverse. Vă ajuta să vă atingeți obiectivele, indiferent dacă aveti nevoie de o aplicație simplă sau de o soluție instituțională pentru a gestiona mai multe programe și fluxuri de lucru diferite.

“Universitatea noastră consideră inovativitatea un factor primordial pentru progres. În acest demers, programul «Socrate» de la Holisun oferă acces echitabil pentru toţi candidaţii şi accesibilitate pentru comisii şi candidaţi. Pentru noi este esenţial să oferim timpi reduşi de înscriere, dar şi date centralizate despre situaţia înscrierilor în orice moment. Programul «Socrate» este cu siguranţă un pas înainte pentru noi, o modalitate de a ne apropia de candidaţi şi familiile lor, o platformă eficientă şi facilă de comunicare reciprocă.”
Vlad Petcu, director admin. Ajunct. la Univ de Vest Timişoara

  • Modul Administrare
    • • Crearea conturilor de acces pentru utilizatorii cu rol de superadmin, administrator facultate, membru comisie;
    • • Configurarea si gestionarea sesiunilor de admitere pe facultate;
    • • Configurarea si gestionararea concursurilor de admitere;
    • • Definirea regulilor de generare si refacere a clasamentelor;
  • Modul de TAXE
    • • Definirea uneia sau mai multe taxe, care pot fi incasate in perioada desfasurarii procesului de admitere: taxa de inscriere, taxa de inmatriculare, taxa de studiu in avans;
    • • Integrarea cu un modul de e-payment, functional, integrat cu un procesator de plati. Modulul va permite plata on-line cu cardul si transfer bancar;
    • • Incarcarea in format electronic a documentelor de plata, pentru taxele achitate prin alte modalitati exceptand plata on-line (exemplu: depunere numerar la banca);
  • Modul inscriere candidati
    • • Crearea conturilor de acces in aplicatie a utilizatorilor care doresc sa se inscrie la admitere;
    • • Accesul candidatilor la structura programelor de studii definite in modulul de administrare, pentru care universitatea organizeaza concurs de admitere;
    • • Completarea unui formular de (pre)inscriere si exprimarea optiunilor. Campurile formularului de (pre)inscriere vor fi stabilite ulterior si mentionate in Documentatia tehnica.
    • • Incarcarea in format digital a documentelor solicitate conform Regulamentului de admitere;
    • • Plata taxelor de inscriere si inmatriculare;
    • Solutia software va avea integrat un modul de plata on-line, integrat cu un procesor de plati. De asemenea solutia va permite incarcarea (upload-ul) copiilor digitale a documentelor de plata;
    • • Fiecare dosar salvat va avea un cod unic de identificare
    • • Asumarea corectitudinii si validitatii privind declaratiile facute si a documentelor incarcate in format digital;
    • • Dupa salvarea inscrierii, candidatul va primi pe email fisa de inscriere, care va contine toate informatiile completate de candidat in procesul de inscriere, precum si numele documentelor incarcate. Fisa va fi accesibila si din contul creat pe platforma.
  • Modul validare dosare
    • • Accesarea dosarelor depuse;
    • • Validarea/Invalidarea dosarelor.
    • • Validarea diplomelor de bacalaureat in RMU-REI.
    • • Dupa validare, dosarele primesc statusul „valid” sau „invalid”;
    • • Orice actiune a membrilor comisiilor de admitere asupra dosarelor este finalizata cu un mesaj transmis pe email candidatilor. Invalidarea si stergerea dosarelor este insotita de obligativitatea completarii motivului actiunii. Studentul este informat pe adresa de email despre actiunile care au loc asupra dosarului depus: validare, invalidare, stergere.
    • • Validarea financiara
  • Modul Examinare
    • • Definirea probelor concursului de admitere;
    • • Definirea tipului de probe;
    • • Definirea calificativului acordat în urma sustinerii probelor;
    • • Definirea formulei de calcul a mediei de admitere;
  • Modul Generare Clasamente
    • • Accesarea dosarelor valide
    • • Vizualizarea pe interfata a tuturor criteriilor de admitere: note, punctaj, medii
    • • Generarea clasamentelor
    • • Anularea clasamentelor
    • • Refacerea clasamentelor
    • • Existenta posibilitătii de a bloca un clasament. Un clasament blocat nu mai poate fi anulat. Candidatii sunt notificati prin email privind pozitia pe care o ocupa in clasamentul generat si finalizat doar când un clasament este blocat.
  • Modul Rapoarte
  • Exportul datelor
  • Arhivarea
    • • Arhivarea documentelor incarcate in format digital pe o masina diferita de cea pe care este instalata aplicatia;
    • • Sesiunile de admitere sunt arhivate.